what a soggy morning. a morning full of blunders no less.

at 7:33 i was out on my patio snapping pics of the fog from my 32nd floor apartment. it rolled off the lake and over the city, making it look as if i lived on top of a cloud. cool.

it was in the final seconds of 7:34 that life would become a constant stream of blunders. a fog of distraction, if you will.

7:35 came and on my way back inside i stubbed my toe on the patio ledge. bleep that hurt.

then i used way too much shampoo at 7:57 which took forever and a day to wash out. i monitored my conditioner usage a little more closely than normal, considering the circumstances.

and in my hustle to catch the bus to work at 8:26 i rounded the elevator corner a little too quickly and accidentally kicked a tiny, unassuming dog. i hope he knows it wasn't on purpose.

out of nowhere at 8:33 my umbrella opened unexpectedly on the bus. did i hit a button? regardless, the remaining rain droplets sprayed the lady in front of me. i know she felt them. eep. sorry.

she hadn't said anything about it by 8:34. no mean looks or words were exchanged. thank you lady.

luckily, her hair was already frizzy.

and now at 11:03, as i'm sitting here at my desk, i feel as if my ass crack might be showing.

i checked and it wasn't as of 11:04. phew.