2 posts, 1 day, yes yes...but this is important:

CNN, typically my #1 source for news, has just ruffled my feathers.

So, just like any other day/hour, I checked CNN to see what's going on in the world and came across this headline link "Octuplets were mistake, Mom tells Dr. Phil"


REALLY CNN? Wow, what a shameful, insensitive, and cruel way to capture viewer attention.

Of course, we, as a nation, throw stones at the octuplet Mom because we just love to stick our nose into everyone else's business and cast unending, hostile judgement onto others, as if the octuplet Mom has done something so vile and evil that she should receive anonymous death threats. But, the real problem here is that CNN just F'ed with innocent kids, whom deserve zero negative association with this "public scandal," media frenzy, and of course, money-machine of an event it has turned into. Seriously, they're damaged enough as it is, they don't need bullshit media stories denouncing their existence. (!)

Hey CNN, do you really think any of the octuplet children would like to read a headline eluding to the fact that they were born in vain? I mean, we've all been down that pity-party road of wondering if we were born as gifts, mistakes, or "surprises" but this takes all the fun out of that. This is just mean.

And, as if it could get any worse, CNN brings that turd of an exploiter, Dr. Phil, into the situation. Sick. I agree, the Mom should not be exploiting her children (which she is doing endlessly, even worse than Blagojevich), and the fact that she sold out to the exploiter of all exploiters (Dr. Phil), UMMM, can anyone here stop for one second and realize that these babies are going to, one day, be teenagers, and then adults? They more than likely will research their past and perhaps stumble upon this gem of a story.

Even with that aside, isn't the whole premise considered a moral no-no--to profit off such a slimeball, line-crossing story? Take your online ads off that story, will ya? Snakes. And here I thought that kind of news reporting was solely reserved for Fox? Wrong. Apparently, there is no morality or, at its most primitive level, better judgement when it comes to selling the news. Not even in my once beloved CNN.

Low blow CNN. Low blow octuplet Mom. And down with Dr. Phil. Down with him!

Quoting Shakespeare, noting such shameful disrespect of innocent life: all are punished.