new year, new you, right?

and by "new you" i'm referring to the male species.

almost in its entirety.

in 2012, the male species should have made a very important resolution.

a resolution so desperately necessarily it could make or break civilization as we know it.

what is it?

a world without plaid shorts.

yes, you heard me right.

the male species' need for plaid shorts was unprecedented in 2011.

not only would the male species wear plaid shorts, they would also identify a single color of said plaid and match their t-shirt to it.

disgusting, i know.

it can't happen anymore.

men won't get laid as long as plaid shorts are allowed to exist.

if no one is getting laid, no one is having babies - legitimately or illegitimately.

so, male species, it's your move.

make the right choice - wear regular shorts.

our future depends on it.