lord, how i waste time on the internet.

i should note that i waste time in a very good way, though.

it's mostly educational.

for some reason i am compelled to check the chicago tribune, new york times, and CNN website while, sometimes simultaneously, watching endless amounts of youtube videos pointing out the misrepresentation of facts/dog-and-pony-show antics that are the FOX news channel.

it's sick.

me, not fox news channel.

well, wait, fox news channel is definitely sick, too. so never mind.

it's all sick.

is there treatment for this?

since i've self-diagnosed my symptoms into a full-blown case of news ADD, i'll go ahead and write my own prescription:

to-do lists.

they're extremely helpful. since I purposely wake up at the crack of dawn to relax and gently ease into the work day, I often take a couple of minutes to jot down the waning to-do's of my day-to-day life.

and wow, does making an obnoxiously-sized check mark next to each accomplished agenda item feel spectacularly wonderful.

that was a fun sentence.

top of today's to-do?

eat less.