so many negative things to say, so little time...

in the yhgtbfkm (you-have-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me) news:

"toyota says ads and incentives have lured buyers back"

um, anyone that knowingly and willingly purchases a toyota at this point in time deserves a failed electronic system and stuck accelerator whilst taking a once scenic, leisurely drive, hopefully somewhere in colorado or california...or any geographical location offering a tumultuous, earthly landscape of steep hillsides and/or jagged cliffs. i hope all the money you saved on that lemon-of-a-car can be quickly deposited at the nearest chase atm in heaven. and shame on you toyota...i thought euthanasia was illegal?

"catholic school rejects preschooler over lesbian parents"

i've had just about enough of the catholic church getting away with exhibiting overt discrimination, prejudice, and ignorance all in the name of their god and prehistoric belief system. it's hypocrisy in its clearest state, windexed squeaky clean for all us rational, sensible, and open-minded sinners to view clearly and accurately. this form of "christianity" is vile and ugly as well as an abomination of what our society should regard as sacred and as truth. when will people learn that god isn't a book? god isn't a passage. god is love, and whatever god or whatever path you choose to follow, make sure it's because love is behind every decision you make and every belief you hold, and not because you fear the unknown.

"lohan sues e*trade for milkaholic reference"

wow lindsay, kudos for your undeniable act of humiliation on this one. it takes a true loser to fess up to being a conniving alcoholic bitch/diva-extraordinaire. first, you want the world, and our court system, to acknowledge that your name, lindsay, is more synonymous with lohan than any other lindsay in the entire world. wow, that takes some real balls. so, apparently, you have a pair! weird! second, you claim that the context of this commercial reflects your characterization and so-called-life. which, in essence, is a public confession and proclamation of being revered by all (including yourself) as a slutty, alcoholic, untrustworthy two-timing troublestarter? touche! not only do you have a pair of balls, but after reading this news article, they are undoubtedly a ginormous, hairy pair of testicles, comparable only in size and scale to that of a drunken clydesdale. *bows*

"academy apologizes for farrah fawcett snub"

okay, honestly, who remembers farrah ever being in a movie? i don't. i never even watched her on tv. yes, it's sad that she died due to tragic illness. but, so do many people every.single.day. let's keep this in check. let's be real for a second: i'm sure every grieving family would absolutely love and cherish a public memoriam for their lost loved ones. that would be a very nice thing. but, the world doesn't work like that...mostly because it isn't necessary. that's what a funeral is for, that's what ashes and urns are for, that's what a tombstone is for. that's how the world works. that's why families celebrate the lives of the lost sometimes privately, sometimes publicly, and most times solely in their own hearts. just because her name didn't flash on a tv screen at some "distinguished" award ceremony does not mean that farrah's loss was less significant or her time on earth any less cherished. let's remember: life comes and goes--no one is above that, even celebrities. so, let's move on and keep farrah's legacy in tact for what it was -- she was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, and a human being. rip for that alone.