so, of course, i wandered down and watched the clip i posted yesterday about roseanne. as soon as the dan part comes up my throat shuts, my heart stops, and my eyes water.

i can't imagine what it would feel like to lose your partner. and they were such good partners.

i think the thing that gets me the most is that roseanne and dan were both fat, respectively unsuccessful, and had a multitude of problems throughout their marriage, constantly challenging them, bringing them closer together, and sometimes tearing them apart. but they endured. willingly. mutually. they were in love with each other, entirely, to which nothing could come between them.

yes, yes i know, it was only a tv show. but it's also real life in that there are many roseanne and dans out there. many. there are many couples that stick together through thick and thin (sometimes literally) and work out their problems, sometimes slowly and difficultly, but surely, all instead of getting divorced.

i value characteristics like that in people. they're so seldom seen: commitment, integrity, loyalty, passion.

i feel like i possess these values...but time will tell. they're certainly on my front-burner.

and the pilot flame is lit.