i just finished watching teenwolf. say what?! i know. i probably haven't seen this movie in its entirety since the late 80's. woah, blast from the past. and i knew from the moment it came on the tv (thank you starz!) that i was about to take a hazy trip down memory lane, and that this movie would make me feel weird and reflective. let me explain: a few, select movies do that to me...you know, movies of yesteryears that transcend you to a place and time where the plot didn't quite make sense, due to your youth and naivete, but now as an adult you can relate to and interpret the movie on an entirely different level? you finally understand the real concept that was once deflected by simple innocence? it's a cute feeling. it's similar to watching the golden girls as a kid, and then watching that show as an adult. it has an entirely different meaning. if you don't understand any of that, it's okay. it's hard to explain. short story: it made me think about a few, universal truths that i hadn't before:

taylor lautner doesn't hold a candle to michael j. fox in his prime. sorry tweens. mjf isn't about muscle, isn't the obvious heart throb...he's average. and that's the point. he's an average guy with a great heart.


the cliche expression "the grass is always greener on the other side" will always be one of life's unsettling truths. it applies to so many facets of life. you will always want what you don't have. and, when you finally get what you want, it will never be good enough. bigger, better. you will always pass up who you're supposed to be with, pass up those that love you the most, and instead you will seek the beautiful, the wealthy, the more fameous, the all-around greener grass. and for you i can only hope that your foolishness and shallow dreams fade and that you'll embrace the things and people that are good for you.

and finally,

i am boof. and i know exactly how she feels. so many times throughout my life. but she wins in the end. and so did he.

the moral of this post: be yourself. be smart. be decent. and don't overlook what's under your nose. there's more important things in life than really green grass. and if you realize that before it's too late...congrats.

your final free-throw will undoubtedly win the game.