everyone midwestern-based is all a flutter about the inch of snow lying on the ground. guess who isn't!?!

surprise, me.

i guess i really don't care at all about the snow. it's pretty, it's non-blowy...it's just sitting there on the ground, minding its own business.

i woke up in semi-awe since it's the first snowfall of the season and it fell at some point in the night, so i of course got that nostalgic "woah it snowed last night! is school cancelled!?" feeling, which was undeniably one of the most exciting times of school life - watching the news and just WAITING for them to list your school as being cancelled.

it's the small things in life.

but being 27 years old, that's a far, distant memory. so, when i woke up this morning i had a slight sense of that feeling but reality quickly set in when i saw lake shore drive traffic crawling and knew that i too was soon to be in it on my way to work, which is never cancelled.

but when i walked outside i was blinded. literally. i forgot how blindingly white brand new snow is...especially after not having seen it for 8 months. instantly i had eye strain. horrible eye strain. it felt like my left eyeball was shrinking and rolling back into my eye socket. and all attached eye nerves and veins were being tightly pulled as it recessed.

that really hurt charlie and it's still...hurting.

i could barely open my eyes, i needed some serious shades. but i feel like such a tool when wearing sunglasses in the winter. it's such a weird idea to me. sunglasses feel like such a "hot weather" item to me. however some guy got on the bus with sunglasses on and the only word that came to my mind upon seeing him was, of course, tool. and i don't wanna be that guy. but i could barely open my eyes the entire bus ride to work because of the strain pain and the unending, blinding snow.

so, for pretty much the entire morning i thought, so this is what it feels like to be blind.

and wow did it suck.

weirdly, yesterday i was walking with a friend to argo for a pumpkin spice chai latte nonfat and this lady was on the sidewalk with her dog where she feebly asked "excuse me, anybody?" i stopped and looked and she was just kind of staring...blindly...into the world so i walked over to her and said hi. she had a seeing eye dog with her...my second clue as to what she needed...and she kindly asked me if she saw any dog poop on the ground because she thinks her dog may have "pooed" more than once. having a dog i related to her troubles so i spot checked the vicinity and saw nothing (thankfully). she thanked me and i went on my way for some latte.

but then i thought to myself...how does she find the original poop? does she have some heat-sensing device or something?

i never thought about it before. i guess blind people do have to pick up the poo somehow...

but how?

anyway, so there has been a lot of blindness-related thoughts going on in my head and weirdly i was blind all morning.

blinded by the light, wake up like a...doucher?...in the...something of the night.

remember that song that no one knows the lyrics to? weirdly, every time i hear that song i'm with my mom and we always comment on how we have zero idea what the actual lyrics are and we also comment on how that song is literally like 8 minutes long.

so much blindness so little time.