honestly, i didn't want to write this blog post...mostly because, no matter what i say, the situation is beyond my control. as most things are. i'm just one voice amid millions.

but since when did that stop me? never. so, here's what i have to say:

i refuse to live in an uneducated society. i guess that's why i always prefer to live in a city setting where a dynamic, open mindset almost always trumps the uninformed and close minded. i also refuse to live in a society that clings to their guns while memorizing bible passages. to me, discussion, awareness, and progression (none of which has to be secular) is what educates us as a people. we've come a long way in the field of education and evolution: the world is round and santa claus is not real. since these major realizations, some of us have stopped limiting our education. but, while we have indeed come a long way there's still a long way to go...for some of us...those of us without pitchforks (mondern day political signs) and on-demand-bible-verse.

that being said, let's talk about two words: n & f.

the n word - we all know what it is and dislike what it stands for. well, some of us do. personally, i would never, ever, in a million years use the n word. not in a joke, not in a gchat, not anywhere. never. it's just a word is a common response. but words have meaning. which is why the it's just a word bullshit doesn't work. if we used words that didn't have meaning...well, we wouldn't be communicating then, would we? meaningless words equate to jibberish or silence. but, regarding the standard sender-receiver level of communication, you cannot communicate a word without imparting some level of meaning or definition. it's impossible.

ok, back to the n word, my point being that society largely condemns the use of the n word. why it ever was penned in the first place (fear of the unknown - very common among white, christian land owners) is greatly disturbing. but since the (recent) dawning of equality, which now includes some minorities, we all know why the n word is off limits. we simply know better. use of the n word could destroy your entire life. you could lose your job, your reputation, respect, credibility. if none of that matters to you, well, regardless, use of the n word will automatically set you apart from society. forever you will be deemed a racist, no matter how much you apologize. you might not care that you're a racist, but you still are one.

but what's funny is that, as we all know, some people use the n word freely: black people use it all the time. according to whoopi goldberg, a la the view, black people own the n word and use it as a sense of freedom from it.

...whatever that means.

i don't agree with this mentality nor will i try to understand it, because apparently you have to be black to understand. i'm white, so what's the use? i'll just be an educated and respectful human being and choose not to use it, regardless of whoopi whipping out her race card (in case you didn't know, inscribed on the race card is "advance to go and collect $200!"

lucky whoopi. inscribed on my card is "you owe rent on st. charles place. $140."


and then there's the f word. not fuck, no no...i obviously use that word all the time, freely. i'm talking about the gay slur. yes, that one. to me, the f word is much more interesting than the n word - only because the f word is completely fair game (somehow). despite the fact that the f word reflects an unending amount of ridicule, oppression, violence, and emasculation directly and specifically toward gay men...we, as a society, for some reason still use it. openly. all the time. the f word is said openly in conversation among everyday folk. no harm, no foul. the f word is always the punchline in a joke, gets big laughs on cable television and in the movies. it's funny, right? kids use it as a jab, as a means to tell billy he's not as tough as he thinks he is.

but to me, it's not funny at all. its not ordinary language. it's not harmless. to me, it's a derogatory word that invokes negative and hostile emotion. people use the f word to degrade homosexuals or the notion of homosexuality in the very same way the n word degrades the african american race. yet, unlike african americans, we as an "educated" people are allowed to degrade homosexuals by using this silly, little f word. in ignorant defense, somewhere in the bible apparently, it says homosexuality is an abomination. oops. so, those lovely, lovely do-gooders we call christians (aka the american majority) are therefore completely free, perhaps morally obligated, to hate, degrade, and demean those men that, keyword, choose to go against god's will by being homosexuals. so using the f word is fair game. i mean, if sinners are fallen angels, then homosexuals are obvious sinners therefore are fallen angels (and by fallen i mean they kerplunk straight to hell), therefore homosexuals are indeed f words. and god hates them! makes sense to me! start teaching that to your kids!

i don't mean to isolate christians as the sole perpetrators of the f word - plenty of straight guys, kids, and other forms of uneducated people use the f word, too. it's almost the same as, you know how christmas and easter are rightfully celebrated by christians, yet everyone else such as the sort-of-religious or not-at-all religious celebrate it too...minus the whole jc aspect? funny, right? instead of jc, they just add in their own deities like a red suit, a sleigh, some eggs, and a rabbit. same diff! so, you don't have to be religious to use the f word...ignorance is bliss, so everybody join in! but most times it stems back to the christians, the founders of this place we call the land of the free.

anyway, the ignorant side of me also wants to believe that...hey, if everyone can use the f word openly, because it's no big deal, then why can't we use the n word? hey larry johnson of the kansas city chiefs, while you're going around in fits of rage calling people the f word, i'm gonna go around and start calling people the n-word whenever i'm equally as mad!

luckily i'm not that stupid or ignorant, although i must admit i find it incredibly interesting whenever i hear black people use the f word, or have a general not-OK viewpoint on glbt issues. it's a sad day whenever a minority turns on a fellow minority.

i also thought it was funny when fans of larry johnson were quoted as saying "hey, leave larry johnson alone, free speech is his first amendment right!"

i bet michael richards wishes he had such backing...but somehow his hate rant was not in line with the first amendment...somehow. i'll need the hate transcripts, the us constitution, and some scooby snacks to figure this one out.

anyway, my long winded point is this: the f word stings just as much as the n word. these words hurt, they persecute, and they serve no purpose other than to destroy someone's self worth. is that something you feel comfortable doing? you shouldn't.

these words aren't necessary anymore, they aren't owned by those whom they disenfranchise, and they certainly aren't funny.

stop using them.

let's progress as humans, not as uneducated, bible-toting hatemongers. put down your pitchforks, bibles, and prejudices and raise up your vocabulary. raise up your tolerance.