first, a shout out to tlaloc because his poppedtarts blog post about the ice skating bear made me laugh out loud unintentionally. i love animals just as much as you and I was so enraged by the shenanigans of those people and felt extremely sorry for the victim (the bear). but it was the tyra line at the end that had me rollin. mostly because when i read it i automatically put it into my inner-tyra voice and that, in itself, is totally hilar. thanks t.

secondly, i'm considering buying a home. omg.

third, can i please repeat how much i loathe halloween. idiots in costumes are everywhere and it's not even halloween yet. and, halloween enthusiasts, just because you're costumed doesn't give you the right to be annoying to strangers. yes, i'm talking to you, glenda the good witch, who was sitting next to me on the bus, then tapped me on my head with her witch wand saying that she *poof* will make me smile with her magical powers.

a) striking me with a blunt object is considered assault every day of the week, including halloween, and b) i will not smile because you're an ahole.

and last, but not least, i will be making a v-log this weekend so stay tuned!