i had a great weekend. did you?

i have only a couple things to talk about today...which is surprising considering i've had the "new post" window open for hours now and i've yet to jot anything down. it's monday.

but, here's what i do have:

1) i'm still enraged at balloon boy and his freakshow family. including the dad's hairstyle. what is up with that? no pun intended. anyway, the emotions i went through that day...and for what?! a publicity stunt? all i can say is that it's a good thing for the heene family that there is a lot of ground between illinois and colorado. because if i were any closer, well...you know my position on spanking. swats for the entire clan! bare ass-style.

2) i'm 90/10 on the idea of taking a half pto day so that i can go home and nap. i'm unreal tired at the moment and being awake seems masochistic. the only thing keeping me at work is the fact that i wore a super cute outfit today and i feel that not enough people have seen me bouncing around in it yet. it's not easy, people.

3) i wanted to let you all know that i'm submitting writing posts to my friend's/coworker's site cinderblockracer.com. now, my own blog has one policy and one policy only: honesty. even when it hurts. so i will be honest and say that i have no idea what cinderblockracer.com is about. i don't even know what the name means. however, i do know that my friend allen, the site keeper, has created a nicely-designed site about most things sci-fi. and i say most things because there are a few, select items featured on the site that are non-sci fi that i surely know about, such as...music (allbeit music i've never heard of) and there are games (allbeit i've never played a playstation in my life--the controller alone intimidates me) and there are links for all things considered awesome (allbeit i would assign a wtf is that? to most said awesome stuff, because, what is it? it does what?)... so again, i say most things sci fi because not all is entirely lost on me.

ok, ok, all is pretty much entirely lost on me.

mostly because i have zero sci-fi knowledge. and yes, bear with me as i lump everything i don't understand as "sci fi." but honestly, i never watch sci-fi movies, including harry potter, lotr, spiderman, xmen...i don't read comics, i don't know alot about computers, or computer programs, i don't even know most features on my cell phone besides call, text, and brickbreaker. long story short: i don't know a lot about anything besides my own, personal, drama-fueled existence which is highlighted by my impulsive, obnoxious opinion/perspective.

there you have it folks. a day of honesty.

i'm all about letters of dissatisfaction, letters to the editor, sticking it to the man, and general observation of the negative type.

but, sometimes i branch out. such as cinderblockracer.com. and i will say that the site has a lot to offer in many, many different areas, any of which could be right up your alley. i think i could learn a lot via this site and that is what's cool about it. you know my motto is knowledge is power.

so, go to the site, peruse, and let me know what you think/someone please explain to me who and what wolverine is.