stay away from me

the bum that asks god to bless me, then asks for money, then yells when he gets none
the girl on the bus, talking on her cell phone, 3 shopping bags about her body and a huge purse she's completely unaware of
the velour sweat suit dog lady whose yorkie looks sickly, old, and overprotected its whole, long life
the foreign-speaking maintenance man whose intentions are questionable, as are the last three words he said about my bathroom sink
the people with earbuds who are oblivious to every thing outside of their ipod
the guys at the gym that check out their side profile at every passing mirror
the girls at the gym that bounce from each piece of gym equipment in 3 second intervals, you were using this? i thought you were using that? oh, you were using both
the american apparel on walton and rush that consistently smells like a barn, i.e. urine-soaked hay
the geriatrics that grow meaner as they grow older, thank god my grandmas are the kind that grow sweeter
the joggers that stop for a red light then jog in place while they wait, i should probably get out of your way
the person that just asked me how i was doing as he quickly walked past me, i'm fine, not that you heard me say that though
the news reporter that gets overly giddy when talking to the weatherman, click, hey weather.com
the song the climb by miley cyrus, i can't, i won't, i might like you...oops
the peeps at the apple store that act infinitely cooler than me and are ultimately smarter than me, or are they
the fans of the current american idol season
the girls that have generic conversations with other girls, using this exact phrase "wow, that's awesome, good for you" not a word of that was sincere you social robot
the other social robots i.e. anyone i refer to as a friend of a friend i.e. oh hi, yeah i know your name, we've met before, numerous times actually, mine's ryan though, no...ryan, with an r

everyone else, you're fine

for now