Several things:

I can't remember where I read this, but I read something yesterday talking about how people need some one or some thing to blame when bad things happen. That statement is incredibly accurate. Take for instance the Buffalo plane crash: the news media is trying to dish up scoop about the pilot being a "slow learner" and that it's all his fault. The crash was an accident. Not every flight emergency can be averted. Don't forsake this man's name and family by making him the bad guy. Sometimes, bad things happen. And we have to move on.

In other news, oops I did it again. OD'd on Red Vines. I feel sick now. Plus, due to my lack of good judgement, I now have to run after work because I willingly just consumed over 500 calories GD MF'er SOB. I hate this part right here.

UGH. I also hate when I lose focus like that.

John you got any of that Gatorade Focus left? I need a few swigs.