People of California: move. There are other places to live. I know, it's tough: you won't have year long temperate weather and get to wear oversized sunglasses everywhere you go, but think "big picture." Live in a state that accepts its citizens as individuals, not majority rule. Get married, have children, and watch them build snowmen. Heck, put on your new Northface and go out with them to build a snowfamily with two Moms or two Dads, whatever your situation may be. All because you can, legally.

It'll all be OK. Just move. Leave behind the sun-tanned ignorance. Embrace four seasons. Expect and receive equal rights.

What does California really have to offer anyway, other than paparazzi, plastics, tinsel, and reality tv?

Not much. Let its economy and elite bragging rights go down with its crumbling foundation (literally and figuratively).

Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa are great states to live in. More are on the way.

In fact, former 3 year Iowa citizen right here. Coralville, represent!