Test phase of the new BlackBerry starts today. Yes.
After going back and forth with the AT&T peeps about my lack
of service with the iPhone, I'm testing out a BBerry since my work
BBerry seems to do alright at home. If it works, great. If not,
back to the drawing boards with PlanB. (PlanB details will be released
upon potential activation. Stay tuned. Or not.)

But in the meantime, all my BBerry peeps out there, email me
your pin and lets start BBM'ing til the sun comes up.

Something else might come to me or happen today, but if not, this post
will have to suffice for today.


I love that someone would see a moose in the lake and actually call for help. That's reassuring. For some reason, I feel like most people wouldn't. Especially males. Is that sexcist of me? I guess this stems from the fact that this morning I noticed somebody's Facebook profile picture featuring a truck bed full of dead Canadian Geese that they shot. Said individual was obviously more than proud of his personal accomplishment(s).


Males suck.