I've got some.

It's rainy, it's gloomy, I got up early today, and it's just one of those days where simple things annoy me. Where do I begin:

-This morning I linked to a CNN story from my friend Tlaloc's blog. Upon reading it I immediately felt utterly confused, bewildered, and unintelligent. I typically regard myself as having an "average" intelligence, much like I have an average height, so the fact that I couldn't even begin to wrap my head around this story is really frustrating. The whole story about the star exploding doesn't make sense to me in addition to the article making statements like "13 billion years ago this star exploded" and "at that point the universe was only 600 million years old"...how do we, as mere specks of existence in a universe that essentially has no limitations or boundaries, is so infinite and 99% undiscovered...how could any Earthling possibly measure the age of the universe, it's beginnings, and/or what happened 13 billion years ago? I just don't get it--I feel completely inadequate when trying to envision how the universe was created and how I fit into all of that. It's mind-boggling.

-For some reason the Spanish language came into my mind. Then I thought about all of those backwoods people that are like "don't speak Mexican in America!" or however their rants go. I can see both sides. If Mexican or Spanish individuals live in the United States, they should speak English as a second language. ESL classes should be mandated for children to have as a resource. There is no reason for there to be a language barrier between American citizens. I wouldn't move to Spain and assume that people are going to know how to speak English.

-Stop saying "FML." I tweeted that I declared it over. And I stand by that. Essentially it's an over-dramatization and attention-needy statement people use to invoke sympathy and/or sympathetic humor. There are real problems in this world that need attention, the fact that you forgot your umbrella during a rainstorm is not FML-worthy. You just come across as dumb and whiny. Sorry.

-I sat next to someone on the bus today who was reading a book electronically...on this book-looking contraption that apparently you can download multiple books onto and read wherever with this portable, electronic book. What a ridiculous idea. Why do we have to modernize books? Why would you potentially create a machine that would threaten the livelihood of publishers, book retailers, and libraries? Books are sexy. Home libraries are sexy. Books on tape and these newfangled electronic books are not sexy. They're about as sexy as a Snuggie. Absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. I wanted to hit that guy square in the nose for reading his electronic book. I know that's wrong, but I did. It would go something like this:

-People who leave unnecessary, stupid comments on YouTube videos. Why bother? I mean, really, I feel like there's a LOT of people who post hateful, rude messages about videos they see on YouTube. Threads and threads of one hateful comment after another. And then all these YouTube commenters get in fights with one another over the comments in question, some being like, "Hey, that's mean!" And then the hateful YouTubers are like "Well you're a fat bitch!" to which I'm completely sure none of these people have ever met in real life, adding to the ridiculousness of the entire situation. It's all so unnecessary. Someone wrote "vomit" about one of my videos. What is the point of that? You want to be rude to someone just because you can? Get real and be normal for five seconds. Even when that guy was reading an electronic book on the bus I didn't say anything to him to let him know that what he was doing was incredibly retarded.

-This hoopla about the first 100 days of President Obama is sort of getting under my skin. Why do we treat our President like he's some cute kitten playing with a ball of yarn? I don't get it. Let the hate mail officially begin about how I supposedly hate Obama and am a big ol' racist. Whatever. Just keep people in power accountable and on-task. Don't bring stupid shit into the process like the arms of the First Lady or Obama's Blackberry obsession. And god forbid one more news story is written about that dumb dog of theirs.

Crab ass, I know.

I am what I am.

Perfectly imperfect...and a crab ass.