So, I had yet another revelation last night. Well, it wasn't so much a revelation as it was a conclusion...

I think my V-Logs are on their way out the door. Here's my reasoning:

V-Logs are typically fun. I've had fun making them, I've had fun watching other people's v-logs, it's just a fun idea altogether.

BUT, and boy is it a big but, YouTube is such a buzzkill. You know why? People are ruthless on YouTube. Just down right mean and nasty. I can't tell you how many weird emails I've received via YouTube that are completely uncalled for and unnecessary and I hate to admit it but sometimes even scary. I received an email last night that really was an end-all of all end-alls. That one email (and trust me, there have been a few of similar nature but nothing like this) took all of the fun out of what I was trying to accomplish and extracted every last ounce of interest I had in continuing on. Like I said, for some reason, YouTube harbors undeniable hate. People love to be hateful on YouTube, and it's gone just a little too far. And by a little I mean a lot. Even more, I really can't keep putting myself out there only to be demeaned and threatened. It's totally not worth it.

Coincidentally, I recently watched someone else's reaction video to their own YouTube hate, and it got me thinking...he's absolutely right: inside somewhere deep and dark, YouTube enthusiasts are just a bunch of haters who don't even blink before leaving a nasty, unjust comment or sending a nasty, hate-filled email. Would these lurking YouTube haters ever verbalize such a thing, or do they talk to people in real life with such misery-filled, hate speech? Probably not.

But on YouTube, that's just the lay of the land. And I'm over it.

YouTube kills my self-esteem and for a soon-to-be 27 year old man, that's just not necessary. This isn't grade school.

Peace out, YouTube.

Blogspot is my baby anyway.