umm...am i the only one here that feels like tiger woods owes no one an apology besides his immediate family i.e. elin and the kids?

don't apologize to me...i've never even met you. if you want to sleep with 25 whores, go right on ahead. you don't owe me any explanations. and god knows i've created my own personal miseries via text message.

plus, are we all held to the same level of do-no-wrong expectation as this rich golf player? i hope not. i don't stand up on the 146 Michigan Express bus every day and declare extreme sorrow to every unknown passenger for not having given that geriatric woman my seat.

(first of all, there were plenty of other seats available. second of all, she was wearing a real fur coat. she didn't take pity on any of those chinchillas. third of all, i mean...if she looked like she was going to fall over and break a hip at any moment, i would have gotten up. but, mam, i see a spot two rows down right next to that weirdo-lookin man reading his dorky-ass kindle, keep'er movin. take a seat.)


what is wrong with our society?

we love to play the victim even when we are anything but.