so, i'm not a big tv buff. some of it makes me fall asleep, some of it holds no priority over doing things in the 3d world, and most of it is completely obnoxious and cringey.

especially reality tv. it's the worst and you know it. ere go, i'm no longer watching anything reality-based. ever. and it won't be a challenge. i can't even count this as a lenten sacrifice.

and i hope the same is true for you, even though you probably have no idea why i would even say such a thing. ugh.

but c'mon...i know you all get cringed-out when watching the bachelor or the jersey shore. you have to. if you don't - something is seriously wrong with your perception of what reality really is. or maybe you're just a puke. i know i'm getting a little judgemental here, but speaking on behalf of my aging generation as well as the younger ones following right behind, we are seriously in some deep shit if this is what we regard as american culture. and you wonder why other countries hate us? i'd bomb us too.

do you think people in italy love snookie? she's not even italian. but back to my point:

the fistpumping jokes aren't funny anymore. all of the bachelorettes are cashcows with spray-on tans. the real world hasn't been real or memorable since new orleans. it's been straight up real world porn. whoopie.

i know some of you love survivor, others are crazy about the amazing race. they hold some level of purpose in their taping, but even then...it's still complete garbage.

you are becoming dumber every second you expose yourself to it. d-u-m-b. yes, call me a hater...tell me how much you hate to love it...everyone says that same line. it's so bad but i can't stop watching it!

crackheads have the same attitude. plus, here's the other downside - reality tv exists because we allow it to. because we imagine ourselves as the next big star. mostly because it requires zero talent.

the only thing it requires is a shameless attitude.

inside each and every one of us is a need to be in the spotlight. we want celebrity. we want admiration for doing absolutely nothing.

we all do. ask any professional athlete's wife. or any real housewife of. it's all the same story.

and that's exactly what reality stars get - admiration for having done absolutely nothing. look at the jersey shore. i've watched half an episode and that was plenty. i've seen those idiots everywhere on tv and feel so incredibly sorry for them. on some level they understand they're being exploited and manipulated into creating a face for vanity, stupidity, and ignorance.

and sex. don't forget sex. that's what's selling their bar promotion's cover charge.

but it's still sad. even with their name signed on the dotted line of their contract. i feel bad for their grandparents.

but what do you care? you love it, you eat it up with a nickel-polished spoon. you make it possible.

but what surprise is that? you're probably sitting on chatroulette right now thinking its a great way to meet people.

but in reality you're just watching someone masturbate.

congrats society - you suck.