does anyone remember...dippin' dots?

it's quite embarrassing that i'm even mentioning dippin' dots but i was reading someone's facebook page and noticed they were a "fan of" dippin dots.

a) i automatically dislike this person solely from this one, personal interest
b) how retarded is dippin' dots?

i can remember when everyone thought it was just soooo cool. omg ice cream in the form of rabbit turds. wowee! how much does it cost? a lot? i don't care, it's the ice cream of the future! make it a large cookie dough for me!

c'mon. what a stupid idea. it was like eating ice cream gravel. there was no gratification from eating it, no creaminess, no swirling, no licking, no ice cream aesthetic, no ice cream sinfulness. basically it wasn't even ice cream. it was like eating the left over remnants from the side of an empty ice cream carton that someone in your family plowed through, yet put the carton back in the freezer because they're fat and lazy like that.

scrapings...that's all it was. at best - morsels.

it ain't enough, and shame on you for thinking it was!

never did i feel like such a moron the one time i was stupid enough to pay for such a thing.

plus, how sad and pathetic were those dippin' dots employees in their stupid, crazy white outfits working at those stupid, tiny kiosks in the mall, right between younkers and christopher & banks? god i bet they still hate themselves.

sorry...had to get that off my chest. so stupid that dippin' dots.