i feel for him. forget about dignity (who needs it?) the one thing the guy has going for him is golf and he doesn't even have that anymore (and don't you dare say he's attractive...i don't care what any of you say, if tiger was just an average joe like you and i, no one would look at him and say, oooh yes please! my body is yours! sleep with me! his fame and money are the only aspects of his appeal. that's how athletes and rockstars do it. duh, wake up.) and who even cares about golf? but regardless, seemingly innocent blasian golf player, earning a living, making a fat paycheck, but BOOM, scandal. life = over. mr. perfect is not so perfect after all. not even close to perfect, not even close to respectable that dog. no, no...that DOG.

god what a dog. okay, let me restate what i said earlier. in some capacity, i feel for him. guys do this shit all the time and no one cares. it's so common its barely even newsworthy. but tiger is a public figure and wow do we know his personal business. and the reveal of it is mortifying. all of those women. all of those secrets. all of those lies.

the pain i feel for elin is immeasurable. at least she has an $80mil prenup to snuggle up to at night. that's some kind of solace, right?

one thing i know for sure is that tiger ruined marriage for me. seems like an odd stance, i agree, but i feel like a lot of people have been indirectly affected by his scandal. it's an eyeopener at the very least. personally, i've always maintained a rosy image of what marriage is. my parents have been happily married my entire life. i can count on one hand the times i've seen them be in a legitimate argument with one another. same goes for my grandparents and my friends' parents and just about everyone i know.

and i've always had a sunny disposition on spending my life with one person. i would never be like tiger, or anything even close to that. i'm great at relationships. although honestly i've only been in 3 or 4. which doesn't matter - it's not the amount of relationships you've experienced - i would rather be with someone who has been in a few relationships versus someone who has been in many. quality versus quantity. regardless, i think my presence and contributions within my own, select relationships were never the reason behind the breakups. i know that sounds absurd and conceited, but at least it's true to me. they've either been long distance gone awry, liars, cheaters, alcoholics, losers, or something along those lines. maybe i don't know how to pick them?


at any rate, i've given everything of myself to be in these relationships. one relationship specifically i gave up literally everything i had and wanted. and it came back to bite me in the ass.

such is life.

and i know that people have flaws, and i often overlook them in pursuit of someone's actual essence. my exes cannot say that i didn't give them the benefit of the doubt. i always do. i see beyond stereotypes, beyond body image, beyond money, beyond whatever it is that may make them less than perfect.

but to no avail. maybe i should expect more?

and this tiger deal is the cherry on that shit sundae. tiger has/had a beautiful wife, he has a family, he has a dog, he has a dream home, he has a dream job...he has everything he could ever ask for. except control.

i feel like no one has control these days. if a man who has everything still needs more...what hope is there for you and i?

we don't have everything and we will always want more. so, in this day and age, can two individuals even enter a marriage that will stand the test of a broken society by lasting and persevering? there will of course be ups and downs, good times and bad, but can a marriage persevere without infidelity?

i think not. mostly on your end of the deal because, personally, i would never cheat, but sooo many people would. even the ones we least suspect.

we all thought Leann Rimes was such a cute, wholesome country girl but what a two-timing whore she turned out to be. same goes for tiger (minus the country girl part). and many, many countless non-celebrities before and after them.

it's almost like a guarantee. you will be cheated on in this lifetime.

which makes me want to never be married. what is a marriage besides a legal document? a free pass into the ER should your spouse be near death? a golden ticket of inheritance and 50/50 settlements?

it's not much more than that. and to me, none of that tips the scale in favor of an i do. maybe i'm jaded, or maybe i just took off my rose colored glasses.

maybe i'll change my mind. maybe someone will help me change my mind. but right now i'm sooo right.

plus, oprah isn't married.

case closed.