this whole tiger woods scandal is so wrong for all the reasons you probably haven't thought about yet...or maybe you have.

who cares that tiger is typically squeaky clean and well-to-do? i don't. i don't care about any of that...what happened is none of your business and it's not my business either. i don't want to hear the voicemail. i don't want a full expose on who the other woman is. why is this scandal on the evening news? right between segments about the economy and sending 30k more troops to afghanistan "and now a closer look at tiger's turmoil and hidden temptations..."

what!? stop it.

leave him alone america. it's not your business in the least. it's not news.


it does go to show you that people cheat. so many of them. more often than not. even the good guys/girls. and that sucks.

i loathe cheaters. i hate cheaters. they're the worst people on earth.

yes, i'm still jaded for having been cheated on in my lifetime, and i think i have every right to be.

i really don't think that insecurity ever fully goes away.

but i do know that i will never and would never cheat on someone. never. ever.

it's singularly one of the worst feelings in the world - to discover/see the love of your life cheating on you. i can't even describe it and i'm hesitant to even think about it because it took me a long time to get over the pain and confusion and imagery.

ugh, i'm getting the feeling again, need to change the topic...