hey yall.

guess who i'm mad at? youtube.

yep. good ol'youtube...typically my best friend on planet earh, but today, well today we're in a megabitch fight.


as you might have heard in my latest vlog...youtube and wmg (warner music group...i think?) banned together and took a video of mine off air because of copyright infringement. which is ridiculous...because that's what all of youtube is. so little of it is straight up original content.

anyway, i noticed on my youtube account that a LOT of my videos are tagged for possible copyright issues...but so far only one has been taken down.

this makes me upset. i'm considering moving to vimeo or something like that. i think blogger also supports a video feature that i'll consider.

it's a shame though, because, like i said before, i love youtube. i spend a lot of time on youtube and i love the youtube community. there's so much good stuff there...


i won't tolerate ridiculousness. i'm not claiming to be britney spears (and certainly not scarjo) nor am i claiming that any of her songs were written by yours truly. same with all the other songs. (and as if i have the talent to pen something as genius and creative as 3?! puhlease.) i don't get it. if anything - it's free publicity for cryin out loud. c'mon you legal muckity-mucks...use your marketing brain. i realize they're two entirely different spheres of the brain, but hello there are big bucks to be made and these silly actions of yours aren't padding your wallets. be reasonable for five seconds. and then take me out to dinner as an apology!

i like my steak medium rare.

but anyway, stay tuned. will i stay tubed?