hey peeps. for those of you whom probably didn't even notice...i'm off twitter! bored with it. i felt obliged to tweet and that took all of the fun out of it. the trending topics weren't informative anymore, peeps were tweeting too much dumb stuff...the celebs i was following just started to annoy me. blech.

over it.

but my baby (this blog) is completely golden. i've been on here too many years and have relied on this format for so long, i could never part with it. even if it was a private site and no one read my thoughts...i'd still be here just about every day...writing it out of my system.

looking at the clock it's almost thanksgiving! happy turkey day to all of you. i'm traveling to indianapolis tomorrow to celebrate and be thankful for all of life's blessings with my family and friends in the great hoosier state.

i plan to be inebriated the entire time. you know how it goes.

expect vids and pics to follow soon.