This is the ryansumner chill-out blog. Just chillin. Nothing else. ChillBlog. RyChill. You get it...

I've come to realize that I get caught up worrying about the fate of others FAR too much. For whatever reason, I feel the constant need to mother those close to me. If only my advice went beyond their ears. But should it? Probably not, but at least I put it out there. Not everyone swats at houseflies with flyswatters. Sometimes people catch them, open a door, and let them go only to come back again, inevitably.

I think that's the purpose of my advice and affectionate attention.

Don't do this, do that. Could you get real for 5 seconds? If I were you. Maybe you should think about it this way. Well in my opinion...

I need to stop. I know what I'm talking about. I think. And it's OK if they don't buy it. I personally feel satisfied with what I want out of myself (and others) by this stage of my life. How I live my life. Not everyone embraces it, though. Not everybody knows what they want out of their life. Maybe I don't either, even though I think I do. Something tells me that I do. Personally. It's not about being self-righteous, god knows I dislike that quality in others. It's more about what drives me to be the way that I am, to do the things that I do, and gives me the voice to say what I say.

Because I believe in me.

And that's why I get out of bed every day, that's why I do what I do, why I say what I say.


I see here and now, and I enjoy it. Immensely. But the cliche "tomorrow is promised to no one" sticks in my mind like taffy on a hot, summer day. It goos, tacks, and bubbles a little bit. Permeating as my rock. My taffy rock.

Push yourself, go where they think you can't, do what you dream. Live life but, at the same time, live a life worth living. And take pride in that.