It's funny how you can completely turn your mood around by popping in some Feist. It's the small things.

Current thoughts:

Stop internally labeling everyone at the gym as douchebag 1, douchebag 2, bitch A, bitch B. I need to be at peace with the people at the gym. I don't know why I get so bitter at the gym, it must be a body image issue or something. Yes, I'm not perfect.

I wish people would re-think pulling leaves off trees.

And while you're at it, don't tie your dog to a stop sign.

The mornings can be quite beautiful, if only you could drag yourself out of bed to see it. The rise helps you focus, the cool air clears your mind, the still is nice. All in all it makes you travel to comfortable places in your mind. At peace.

Do you know that feeling on Thanksgiving morning? Crisp, fall air, fall sunlight...food cooking, family near, ease, comfort, no commitments...I live for that feeling.

Moments from weather, I have them often. A sense of being, depending on the temperature, the clouds, the sun, the rain, the feeling right before a storm, the light of day, either bright, dark, or hazy. It brings back memories, it puts me in places, it makes me think, not in words, but in a time and place. Takes me places I've been, and want to be.

These things were on my mind yesterday/today.

I get myself. That's all that matters.