This is going to be a week gifted from Hell. I'm in Milwaukee all week wrapping up a major state proposal. Crunch time...but, speaking of which (and more importantly) I could really go for an oversized bowl of Captain Crunch right about now. Although I must say that I can only handle so many crunchberries. In my mind, a perfect bowl would only contain about 8 or 9 crunchberries...and only the red kind, no blue. If you get too many of them, the cereal gets a little toxic--my teeth feel slime-coated while my stomach files claims of domestic abuse.

Much like the perfect chocolate chip cookie would only have about 4 or 5 chocolate chips.

However, it's been a good 10+ years since I've had a bowl of CC. Since then I've ventured in and out of my Fruit Loop days, generic fruit loop days, Lucky Charms days, generic Lucky Charms days (one bag only, SICK, and I swear the marshmallows shrivel into nothingness upon 5 milliseconds of milk submergence), Oh's days, and most recently, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios days, but in the spirit of embracing the ever-so-close-I-can-almost-feel-it arrival of Spring...it's all about the protein shake. That's it.

Although I went to the continental breakfast in the hotel lobby and snagged a donut on my way to work. It had sprinkles and I could not resist.

Yes, my life is disconnected. This post is merely one example.