The Daily Word:

-I might be a light switch on this one, but I really do regard Facebook as being dead. Yes, I still have a profile but every time I log-on I get this much closer to having an anger-induced heart attack.
-I'm lazier than normal.
-I probably didn't call you back because I would rather not talk than talk.
-I don't visibly sweat and I enjoy that in others.
-Something big is going to happen to me. I can feel it.
-My personality is 75% bad attitude. I've come to terms with it.
-If one more person describes me as short only because said individual is taller than me, I may cut them. I'm 5'10. It's an average height. It's not short. I feel tall in many, many circumstances outside of standing next to someone who is 6'0. And sorry, but it's true: tall men do not age gracefully. Sorry 'bout it.
-Bourgeois is not fancy, Tregg.
-The onset of Spring/Summer means one thing, and one thing only: I will now start feeling guilty about sleeping past 11 AM on weekends.