Okay, the update:

Now that I have my wits about me...and my memory jogging, here we go.

1. Millisecond has two Ls.
2. Lil Wayne sings A Milli
3. I'm still very much employed.
4. My bff John today recommended taking fish oil supplements to help my memory.
5. My Mom told me I can't get a cat scan unless it's Dr. ordered, therefore my aneurysm fears will have to subside on their own.
6. I ordered the Memory game and it should be here any day now. That for sure will help the cause, right? 1 cow...2 cows! Match!
7. Memory loss won't get the best of me. Not when I have fish oil and Memory cards.
8. I'm good as new.

Off topic, I've been thinking about righting ***writing*** some weirdo poetry. Stay tuned.